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Adventures in NYC

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Me and Tigg went to New York for the weekend and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. We met a guy I ‘know’ from the internet that makes some great t-shirts, and he joined us for a night out on the town, ending up with us at a house party in Brooklyn, or perhaps it was Williamsburg, I don’t really know where we were to be honest, I just got on and off the subway when I was told to.

Since we’d both been to New York before, we didn’t feel the need to do all the tourist-y stuff, though we did anyway since our hotel was 4 blocks from Times Square, and we got to check out some areas I hadn’t been to before, such as the East village, and since I wasn’t just there for the day and had a suitcase I could do some shopping for a change. I bought a pair of sneakers/trainers (the ones I bought in Hong Kong are just about worn through on the sole) by Adidas Originals, a pair of Oakley sunglasses from Macy’s (just 7 months after I was given money for my birthday to buy them), and a small vinyl toy from Kid Robot (it’s going to be the mascot of the US tour), and despite it being a 3 inch by 3 inch box they gave me a full-size bag, a bigger bag than the one for my shoes, ridiculous!

Tigg pretty much bought his body weight in Jolly Ranchers (amongst other things), I think he might actually have some kind of an addiction, someone back home needs to keep an eye on him. Okay, on with the pictures!

RIMG0160 copy
It was kind of cool that our walk back to the hotel usually involved going through Times Sqaure, it’s hard to get tired of this place.

SDC15963 copy
I don’t know what this skyscraper is called, but it’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite’s in the city.

SDC15962 copy
This Nintendo DS (not the newer DSi) was about 6 feet wide, and made entirely of Lego bricks, there was even a Lego stylus!

SDC15998 copy
Here’s me in my new sunglasses, hot stuff, huh?

RIMG0126 copy
Left to right. David from Seibei, the girl David knew at the party, who it turned out made hoodies I’d written about before, and, obviously, me.

RIMG0124 copy
I’d like to make it clear that I wasn’t drinking two bottles at a time, but we were sat outside and the fridge was all the way up stairs, past countless people who were way cooler than me (we were in Brooklyn after all), so it was purely an efficiency thing.

SDC15976 copy
We moved inside around 2am because it was clear that David was flagging, he’s gone full time on Seibei and he seems like the kind of guy that’s a hard worker, so it’s hardly surprising that he fell asleep.

SDC15978 copy
I guess that it was a little mean of me to take pictures of him though!

SDC15982 copy
The party was so cool they actually had foreign films being projected onto the ceiling, crazy hipsters.

SDC15984 copy
I ended up chatting to this girl for about 3 hours (until we left at 5am, yes, 5am, and the subway was still running, I love public transport!) whilst Tigg and David ‘rested’ for the journey back to Manhattan. Yeah, I wasn’t a particularly good friend to those guys, but they didn’t seem to hold a grudge.

SDC15985 copy
We found a pair of sunglasses attached to a pole on the subway so I put them on Tigg, proof that you don’t need to buy stuff to look cool if you hang around the subway long enough.

SDC16054 copy
We got back to the hotel at 5:30am, waited for breakfast to start, had breakfast (it was fresh at that time in the morning!) then got to sleep around 7. Crazy stuff, understandably me and Tigg didn’t want to stay up too late on Sunday night, so we went to watch Observe and Report (dark stuff) before snapping a few night pictures at Times Square, it’s so bright there you don’t even need a tripod at night.

SDC16063 copy
Tiggy had never been for Dim Sum before, so he was pretty confused when old Chinese ladies pushed their carts up to us and offered us various dishes. It wasn’t quite HK-level stuff, but when it was $15 with drinks and we were completely stuffed I can’t complain.

SDC16077 copy
Hillary had told me about an amazing cheesecake place over in Brooklyn, so I went there with the girl in the picture a few above this one (sorry Tigg!). It was huge, and it was heavy, but it was probably the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. I finally managed to tick off the ‘eat real New York cheesecake’ box.

Wow, that was a looooong post.

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  1. 1 birdfeed said at 1:51 am on April 24th, 2009:

    Looks like a sick trip man. I love going to Manhattan.

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